WIP: Samus from Knitty

I honestly cannot remember the last time I posted a WIP…or an FO for that matter…

Anyway, here’s Samus! It’s a treat to knit and only looks complicated. Sorry the pics aren’t better, but a cloudy day and a crapola camera really don’t add up to good photos.

I still can’t decide whether I want to add the zipper or just leave the sweater open…

That braid is just gorgeous!

Very nice - love the color. What kind of yarn are you using?

Love, love the color & your braid is stunning :happydance: :cheering: :happydance:

Thanks all! :heart: :heart:

The yarn is Plymouth’s Encore Worsted–easy care and soft! I think the color is called cranberry.

It’s gorgeous, Angelia!

Very pretty!!

Ooh, very pretty! That’s a gorgeous color.

It looks really great! I love that braided cable and the colour is fantastic.

I think you’ll have to do the zipper otherwise you’ll have lots of troubles with the stockinette curling. Zippers aren’t that bad though!

Great job - the braid is fantastic! :heart: that color!

Thanks, all! :heart:

They are relatively easy to sew in, but what I’m hoping is that the attached i-cord will solve the curling problem. I’m just not big on zippered sweaters b/c the zipper usually gets some sort of wave in it, causing the sweater to pooch a bit in odd places.

Ahh, I didn’t realize there was a cord edging. Hopefully that solves the curling. :thumbsup:

love that cable!

It’s what drew me to the pattern!

Looks great Angelia–I like the color. I think I’d leave it open like in the pic…

Beautiful color!
Reminds me that I still haven’t sewed in the zipper on the Samus I gave my mum for christmas! But I can confirm that the i-cord edge helps with the rolling a lot!

Ooh, I didn’t know you’d knit Samus already, Javede! Photo?

Glad to know the i-cord stops the rolling! :thumbsup:

I just realized I never took a photo of it. Well, it’s not finished anyway, but I’m taking one later today and post it.

Ooh, fantastic! :thumbsup:

I’m about halfway done with the second sleeve, so the end is near!

Javede, did you have a tough time with the attached i-cord or am I just really uncoordinated? I did a swatch of the braid and tried to attach an i-cord and it just looked awful. Any tips before I start the real thing?

You have inspired me, I was looking for a nice pattern to use on a poncho and after I saw your page I was like, YES! there it is. So here is my, not super visable, poncho start