WIP - Sampler Scarf - Practice Stitches

This is a sampler scarf I started a while back, just to practice stitches. Lion Brand’s Stitch of the Week are great for this.

That’s really cool, Lu! Great idea!

Very pretty - I’m in love with that color!

How cute is that?? My, but you’ve been a busy gal!

neat idea- I’ve been saving the stitch of the week emails, but not sure what to do with them. you should email them your picture and idea!

Great idea. I just did! :wink:

That looks pretty, whether it’s practice or not! I love the color too. :thumbsup:

That is seriously a great idea. I’m glad you mailed it to them. Perhaps they’ll suggest it to others and show your scarf! What yarn are you using? samm

oh wow what a cool idea! it looks great too!

It’s beautiful!

Oh, very nice! That’s a terrific idea. :heart:

Love it! :heart:

That’s lovely and can I say how impressed I am with the tension (and of others I’ve seen on here). It looks so solid - really professional!

Hi Lu!

That scarf is beautiful! Here’s the scarf pattern that Lion Brand has up on their website called the Road Scarf. Very similar. Great minds think alike!!

Great job!!

Thanks for posting this you’ve given me a great idea, using stitch samples squares to make a blanket.

What a great idea!! And it’s SO PURTY!! TFS

Very Nice! :heart:

Thanks. They emailed me back saying “Thank you for the idea. We featured a scarf similar to this a few weeks ago.” If anyone sees it, I’d like a link so I can see it too.

The yarn is just some Red Heart from Walmart :slight_smile: I do like Red Heart for scarves, they can really take a beating and it keeps you warm.

Ahhhhhhhh! Thanks! Boy, that DOES look like mine, doesn’t it?!? But I never saw it before…besides mine was started over a year ago. Then I REALLY got into knitting and put it away.

The color is Blue Meadow or something like that. I remember “Meadow” in the name.

For the one who loved the color…I was wrong about the name, it’s WINDSOR BLUE! So much for my horrible memory!