WIP Sackboy

No one had a sackboy pattern in the round so I made one myself. I winged it, really. I didn’t make the neck because making necks are difficult! I was playing with k2tog and SSK decrease so I used them together and I like how it looks. I did decrease too loosely so that’s why the stitches on the sides are loose. I gotta make it a habit to give the yarn a little tug after I decrease.


I came across your post when I was looking back through threads on this board.

Well done on making up your own pattern! Your sackboy looks very good - did you put on any eyes or mouth after you posted?


I opened this to see what is a sackboy?

I still don’t know…can you enlighten me please?

He’s comin’ along great! That little sackboy pattern has got to be one of THE CUTEST knitted toys ever!!!

Sackboy is from the video game Little Big Planet. When I saw that I thought I should try making one for my grandson who plays the game.

How wonderful of you to make one for your grandson! I’m sure he’ll love it. I looked up the Little Big Planet stuff…cute!

Your sackboy looks like it is coming along great. I did find a free pattern here: http://www.littlebigplanetoid.com/article/celebrity_knitting_guru_alan_dart_releases_sackboy_knitting_pattern_for_fre
I love Raverly. i look forward to seeing your finished design.