WIP Rainy Day socks - Updated with new pics!

Boy are these a challenge! The Picot edge was the hardest thing I’ve ever done in knitting. Not so much the start of it (with the crochet cast on) but the folding the work in half and knitting it together with the current row while ensuring it doesn’t turn into a mobius!

I’m 17 rows into the pattern part after the cuff.

This is the first time I’ve ventured away from either Silver sock class sock or the Simple Sock in three sizes (from socks soar on two circular needles). I’m enjoying the challenge!

The pattern is Rainy Day Socks from Magknits

very pretty!!
I love that pattern.

OH those are just lovely - I love the pattern! But…think I’ll have to wait for a little more experience before trying that one! Pretty color too :heart:

Very cool!

The pattern looks lovely. I think that you are off to a good start.

Wow, that’s a super pretty pattern! Nice work. :slight_smile:

Picot edging on your socks, hubba-hubba. Sweet, love the color. :cheering: :thumbsup:

Oh, how pretty! Lovely color – what is the yarn, please?

Ohhh those are gorgeous!

Thank you =D It is Debbie Bliss baby cashmerino in cornflower blue. It is very soft to work with but it is shedding a little. That could be the freaky weather we are having here (humid and flooding) causing my hands to be too hot to knit with this yarn.

WOW you think so? You are working on the candle shawl? I think you could manage these =D The lace bit is easy (and quite memorable) it was the picot bit that scared the pants off me :teehee:

You’ve made a beautiful start! I :heart: the yarn and color too! I have yet to do the picot edging, so you’re a bit braver than me!

Yes, but I haven’t completed a pair of sock - and we won’t talk about the numerous frogs on the the shawl:roflhard: But, oooh, your sock is SO pretty:think:

Wow, I looove that pattern! It’s going to be a lot of work, but I think we all can recognize that it’s COMPLETELY going to be worth it! I am so impressed with your talented sock-making ability, and you’ve inspired me to branch out from my simple socks to the more daring, oh-so-lusciously-beautiful fancy sock patterns :smiley: Wonderful!!!

:teehee: don’t let that put you off!

You know, I worked more on this over the weekend, I’ve turned the heel (I LOVE how she turns the heel on the purl side it seems to make it look nicer) and the pattern itself is quite easy. The hard part was the picot edge. The rest is pretty straightforward, I am a bit concerned they might end up being a little too small for me, but I’m loving how fast this sock is going.

Thank you, and go for it!!! I have finally come to realise the only way to move on from the simple sock pattern is to just dooooo it! So dooooo it Rachel :wink: You know you wanna!

I’m pretty sure that I’ve read (maybe in a KAL on this forum) that this pattern does make for a smaller sock. You might want to stop and research it before going further. It would be a shame to finish and not be able to wear it.

In some ways I wish I had added a further 6 stitches however, it would have made things more complicated for me than they already are! I’ve gone past the heel and am working my way down the foot - it IS a tight fit across the bridge of my foot but I can manage to get my foot in there.

I decided if its really too small they can go to my Bosses wife who has nice dainty little feet.

I think your Rainy Day Sock looks great. :thumbsup:

They were the 3rd pair of socks that I made. I agree the picot edge was tricky but I found a tutorial somewhere and that helped. I used Cascade Fixation in a varigated yarn. Big mistake you cant enjoy the design. Someday I will make another pair with a solid color.

Thanks for sharing and I can’t wait to see the complete pair.

Those are going to be beautiful. One of these days I’m going to try socks on 2 circs. I use DPNs, but I’m ready for a new challenge!