WIP Rainy Day Scarf--Now with pics!

I started this last night and it is going surprisingly quick! The pattern is a bit too fiddly for me to memorize, but I am having no problem keeping my place. I am knitting the scarf with one hank of mmmmMalabrigo in Oceanos (scroll down to the Variegated heading). It is so pretty and so soft. sigh

No pics yet because my camera is with my SO. As soon as he gets back into town, I’ll post my progress!

Here’s the pattern. :yay:

Update 8/20/07

So I’ve got a little over 12 inches done and I’m swamped with other things so I haven’t had a chance to work on it in a while. I’m going to try to get in a pattern repeat tonight. I will definitely make this scarf again, but next time I am going to slip the first stitch of every row to make the edges neater. They look ok now, but they defo could look nicer. The second pic is more indicative of its true color.

that’s going to be absolutely gorgeous! that mmmmm actually makes me think of a rainy day. :teehee:
that looks like the perfect way for a mmmmm virgin (like myself :roll:) to first experience the wonders of that heavenly stuff. cloud9 that is definitely now on my :knitting: list.
hurry up and get that camera back!!! :biting:

What a beautiful scarf! I can’t wait to see it in Mmmm . . . so please post the pics when you can. I’ll have to add this one to my growing list of have-to’s.

Beautiful!!! I printed out the pattern :slight_smile:

Updated with pics in first post!

That colorway is perfect for the pattern! It’s just beautiful and looks so soft. Love it, love it!

It is very nice!

Looks Good:cheering:Love the colors:teehee:

looking great! :woohoo:
that colorway seems to be a perfect match for the pattern. it reminds me of rain running down the window.