WIP Puppy Sweater

I got this out of a old Knit Simple magazine (Winter 2006/2007).I think it is gonna be cute.I think I’m gonna make up a puppy foot print chart and put them down the sleeves.I have to add the eye and nose yet. This is made from Caron Simply Soft.

Awww that is so cute and will make some little kid very happy!

very very cute!!! i love the idea of pawprints!


Very sweet! Your colorwork looks fantastic. :thumbsup:

Very cute indeed and the pawprints on the sleeve will be perfect!

What a cute jumper . It is going to look fab:) I love the scarf round his neck .Lovely work :slight_smile:

Oh my goodness that is cute! Can’t wait to see the paw prints!

Thank you all for your kinds words:hug:

How absolutely adorable! Way to go! Can’t wait to see it all finished up!

Oh my gosh, how cute! I love it. Nice, nice work.

That is very cute. Love the bright colours.

That looks great!

:inlove: very cute!