WIP Poncho in the Round on 4.5mms

Hi all~
Just wanted to share my knitting adventure amongst kindred spirits.

I am working on a poncho, all black from The Ewe Tree, in goodole Red Heart Super Saver Acrylic :smiley:


I’ve strayed, as I am wont to, from the pattern instructions, deciding that I wanted to use smaller needles, I wanted a tighter, smaller stitching, and I am a bit concerned that it may ‘flair’ weird.

Time will tell, as I am just finishing my first super saver, and I estimate it will take at least one other, most likely two. :frowning:

Hard to judge how it’s coming as it’s all squished there on the round, and that is the most frustrating part. I’m loath to take pictures because I’ve booed here and there (on the neck ribbing 0y) and perhaps when it’s off the needles I can arrange to hide that part. :lol:

So then off to make the rounds. :wink:

Ohh that looks to be an easy pattern! I think that black will look good with that poncho too :thumbsup:

Thanks Janelle, Easy is Good.

I snapped a shot anyway turning down the collar. :wink:

Viva La Poncho

Superb start! That looks like a very versatile pattern, would be great for a variety of different colors!

Thank you Kristen~
I agree it would be great in different colors.

I appreciate your taking the time to comment.

:smiley: Very nice…LOL, I love your caption on the photo :wink: And, please, don’t worry about booboos, we all make them & fix them after finishing the project :wink:

Thanks Rebecca~
I’m not entirely sure these boo’s are fixable. I zigged when I should have zagged. Saw it, left it, reasoning that it would be a perfect indication of which side was the back. lol

So then the boo’s, bear a purpose, and all is well in Poncholand.

Thank you for checking out my work.


I love the color you’ve chosen - I love any shade of grey and that one is so deep and beauitful!