WIP pic of a now FO: Kelly's Socks

These socks are for my friend, Kelly. I love them and would love to make myself a pair, too. They’re the sweetest lacy socks when on (But didn’t take a picture because I don’t want any evidence remaining that I actually “wore” socks intended as a gift for someone else. LOL!)

Pic was taken right before I finished them up. They’re blocking now.

Those are beautiful! Your friend is going to love love LOVE them!

By the way, I greatly fear you’ve already busted yourself. After all, how do you KNOW they look great on if you haven’t tried them on yet? HMMM??

Gorgeous. My favorite color too.

Those are lovely! Good job!! :slight_smile:

Beautiful socks! :thumbsup:

AWESOME! I agree, the pattern design is wonderful!!!

Beautiful work and a fabulous present! I think you should have a pair for yourself.

They’re really beautiful! C’mon, you don’t have third sock syndrome , do you?

Just gorgeous socks.:inlove: