WIP Patchwork Baby Blanket

Blanket nearly ready :slight_smile: God its going to take me ages to put together. 3 squares left to knit!

It’s going to be lovely, light and pretty. One way to make it slightly easier is to join the squares in strips and then seam the strips. Looking forward to seeing this complete.

Thanks salmonmac. I was considering putting some of it together right now while i give my hands a tiny break from the needles, but I’m having trouble thinking how to put it together, what colours to put together blah blah blah.

The second part of this article shows a mattress stitch seam on garter stitch which doesn’t show a join. You can also use simple crochet stitches to join the squares likethis .

Gorgeous colors. I did a blanket in squares in blue and gold for my grandson to go scout camping. They were decent sized squares and really didn’t take all that long. I liked using the mattress stitch. A knitter friend of my dd’s didn’t even know it had been stitched together, thought it was one piece so good luck and can’t wait to see it put together.

i’ve just stitched 5 squares and this blanket looks like a 2 year old sewed it up. And whats even more annoying is that i weaved in the ends so i can’t fix it! Graaaah!!! Even more annoying when i feel l need more squares and the 36 squares i’ve knitted won’t be enough! a pox on seaming oooh da lally golly what a day…

I’m loving what I’m seeing so far! Great colors!

Thanks Artlady. Im having a bit of a problem seaming them up though :frowning:

did you try the mattress stitch which salmonmac gave you a link for? if you lay your blanket down on a flat surface to do it, with lots of light…should go smoothly.
If it’s not, rip out and start the sewing over. It will be worth it to have a nice finished project.

My mother once gave me a squares lap blanket (which someone had given her) and it was badly stitched together, kept coming apart…what a pain.

So, go for it, do it up good!