WIP: Over-the-Knee Leg Warmers

It’s my own pattern, the one I created a thread about when I first joined (I asked about increases and what I could do). Well, I figured I’d create a thread to show what I have done so far, and after running out of yarn for the second leg warmer, I worked on my unborn nephew’s baby hat (it fits my head, so if my sister doesn’t like it, then I’ll keep it for myself [kidding]) until I bought more yarn.

Anyway, here it is, not blocked, not put together yet. I want to do both at the same time, so I’ve put it off until I finish the other leg.

Leg one:

Leg two, 37 rows in:

For the increases, I did yox2 (there’s four yox2 in the whole thing), then did a double increase on the 39th row and up (until the 103rd row). This vid by knitpurlhunter shows the kind of increase I did. It worked out well, and I was able to keep my ribbing. :slight_smile: I’m very happy with the results. And when I pinned it to see what it would look like on me, the center kind of looked like twigs.

Once I block and sew everything together, I’ll post the finished results.

And of course, the pictures will be better. I just have the crappiest light for my room.

(There’s also two decreases in there, but I forgot how I did them…It’s two of the decreases this website shows; I’m sure I’ll figure it out for the second one when I get there.)

:thumbsup: Looks great!

They’re looking good!

It looks like you’ve really figured out the increases that you needed. Good for you. Leg warmers are really working out well.

It is lookin’ good! They will be nice and warm.

Thanks, everyone. :slight_smile: I’m almost done. Well, sort of. I somehow dropped a stitch twice and now figuring out how to pick it up again so I can move right along!

I may possibly have them done later today. :slight_smile:

ETA: The dropped stitch has been fixed! My face of horror is now a face of smiles. Now, onward march!

These are looking good–very classy! Can’t wait to see the finished object.

Lookin’ great so far!!! :thumbsup:

I like it! Will look forward to you showing us both of them, on your legs (or a model if you can get someone to model for you).

I’ll have them done soon and post pics. I got a little distracted. I wanted to finish them last weekend, however, I got a call that I was hired at a place I put an application in, so I’ve been a bit busy working on that, plus working on writing. :slight_smile: I’ll have it done I hope this weekend. I really want to get them finished, especially since my sister’s wedding is right around the corner and I want to wear them on that day before her wedding starts/have them when it gets cooler out.

Wow that looks like such hard work! Keep it up, it will definitely turn out amazing :smiley: