WIP-Original design baby blanket

This is a diagram for a baby blanket that I am making in strips (later it will be sewn to make stripes and I will add a border, which I have attempted to illustrate here). I colored over my original drawing in Microsoft Paint, so that the colors of the yarn would be better illustrated. I am using Pound of Love yarn. I apologize for the quality of this photo (I scanned the drawing that I had done). The blanket will be for my cousin’s wife, who is due in December with their first child :woohoo: .

The concept looks great. I do have one question, why do it in strips, with all the sewing, why not just attach yarn as you go? Can’t tell from the picture, but that may just be my burnt out old computer.

well, as far as attaching yarn as I go; a)that would make it be done widthwise, b) its still summer here sorta and its easier to make something in pieces, and c) i would think it would be difficult to just keep adding yarn (actually thats an excuse). although, perhaps f I like this pattern a lot, I could always try that (although im sorta modeling it sizewise after the last blanket that I did and it was 35x42 with border, so that would be a lot of stitches to cast on if I were to just keep changing colors, that is, if I was doing it lengthwise) Im used to doing a project in all one color. I t is doable lengthwise, it would just require a circular needle.

You could do it with intarsia, but all those balls of yarn might make you crazy. :think:

However you do it it’s going to look great!

Very nice idea! Have you also seen that free software (available on the internet, just GOOGLE the words) called the STRIPE GENERATOR?? You enter the colors you want to work with, and it will generate a hundred different stripe possibilities! It is so way cool!

actually I have
it is pretty cool

:happydance: I can’t wait to see it!!

I just took a couple of pictures with my webcam of it (since I dont have a digicam). The lighting is low so you can see the stitch patterns and the colors. these are two of the three stitch patterns that I will be using. the one on the left is moss stitch and the one on the right is mock rib.

Looks like it’s gonna be good when you’ve finished it.
I’m making a blanket for a friend’s baby from my own design. But I think he’ll probably be about 18 by the time I finish it! It’s taking me soooooooooo long! I’ve written up the pattern and I’ll probably end up with that published online before I get the blanket finished! Oh dear! :doh: