WIP: One skein scarf

Hello all! I’m RoxAnne and I have been knitting since Feb 14th of this year. I taught myself with the help of this great website.

I’ve been practicing since I learned but now I’ve actually started on a project. It’s rather simple: a knit stitch one-skein scarf. Once finished, it’ll have a little bit of fringe on both ends, so nothing hard at all.
Here’s some pictures:

Anyway, I’m off to watch some more telly now and knit. I only stopped to get on and learn casting-off, but I ended up online for about three hours :oops:

Looks like you are off to a really great start. Please post pictures when you finish! Have fun.

Thanks! I’ve already ripped it out and started over :smiley: It seemed a little too wide for me, so I reduced the stitches from 15 to 12. Originally, I had it at 10, but I’d ripped that out because it wasn’t wide enough.
I’ll definitely post when I’m finished, though. It shouldn’t be too long until I am. The 10 stitch scarf I managed to get about four feet in three hours before I ripped.


You are doing well. Very pretty yarn.

Thanks. I love this yarn. I don’t know what it is, unfortunately. My gram bought a tonne of yarn at a yard sale and this was already rolled up, as are many of the skeins.

I’m so impressed you taught yourself to knit! Amy’s videos are wonderful and have helped me so much too. I never could understand picture instructions in books, so I wouldn’t ever try anything beyond the basics.
I’ve never regretted ripping things out and starting over. The last few weeks I’ve ripped an entire shawl out TWICE. It’s ok, I’ll like it more in the end. Once I ripped out an entire baby blanket. No regrets. It’s how we learn.
Can’t wait to see your finished scarf!

That’s pretty! Happy knitting!

I could never have taught myself to knit, congrats!!! :thumbsup:

Great job! And I love this site too! It’s helped me so much! Love that yarn! So glad you have joined the knitting gang! :knitting:

Welcome to KH and your doing a great job!! :happydance: