WIP on a felted handbag

I love how these colors are blending. I didn’t know how it would work. The fuzzy stuff is Frenzy that my dil bought me for Christmas and the self stripe is Paton SWS in the plum. It is going to be a nice big big handbag to lug all my junk around in

Those are beautiful colors!

Looks great so far! Watch out when you felt it, SWS shrinks really fast. I’ve ended up with small purses when trying to make tote bags out of that stuff :teehee:

good to know about SWS shrinking a lot when felting
I am trying to make a smaller handbag for my daughter
was gonna only use one skein for her
might make it with 2 instead
every felted bag I have made has come out a LOT shorter than I thought it would

I will make this kids bag a lot taller than needed


Already been that route. Made a handbag for my dil and in 5 minutes it was the size of a 10 year old’s purse. I had to make her another one! I am hoping with it being in the middle and not the main part of the bag, I can control it a little more, but thanks for the heads up.

well I finished thebag, and it was 27" tall, with 3’ 10" handles

I felted it
and its TINY
maybe fit 2 apples in it

but she loves it, that is what countsI will get 3-4 skeins and make another one, for ME
I really like it
it was done off the cuff, but its cute


Stunning colors!