WIP Off Shoulder Pullover

My current project is a Caron brand pattern for an off shoulder pullover. So far my patterns are determined by what my wife likes :teehee:
I do have to say $64 for a sweater vs $15-30 for yarn and the pleasure of making something useful and passing time…priceless.
It is done in Simply Soft Tweed.
The project is going well and I will post the results here.

I love that yarn! I made some bed socks with it and they are really soft. It would make a beautiful sweater!

Oooh… simply soft tweed is so nice!:mrgreen:

That will be very pretty! :yay:

Here are some pictures of the off shoulder pullover in progress.

:happydance: it looks great! Love the tweed look from the yarn

I have that yarn. It’s so soft that I’ve been trying to find something to make with it. Is this a pattern that’s online?

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]Love the yarn… can’t wait to see it finished.
Your wife is a lucky woman to have a man that knits…:wink:
:thumbsup: [/COLOR]

Will love seeing your finished outcome!!! Sounds like the yarn is super!!

Wow! You’ve got a great start! Can’t wait to see it finished!