WIP now FO! : Brontosaurus for DS

Those are all fantastic! So very cool!

Very cute! I’m so glad that Alex and Lissa weren’t at the pooter with me when I was looking at the pics!

I couldn’t get the link to open for the free patterns, so I decided to order the Jean Greenhowe book to make some dinosaurs from my boyfriend’s niece’s birthday. The pattern says to use double knit yarn. For those of you who have made those dinosaurs, would it be okay to substitute 100% cotton. I found some sugar 'n cream yarn in really bright funky colors that I think would be fun to use. I’m not really sure what double knit yarn is anyway.

Also, since I don’t have the pattern yet (still waiting for the mailman), does it take more than one 50g ball of yarn to make a dinosaur?