WIP--Noro Cabled Scarf

I’m working on a cabled scarf…it’s in Noro Kureyon, and it’s just a simple, thin scarf which I’m hoping will block out a bit wider. It’s for a little girl—the daughter of a friend–and when she saw the Noro with the colors changing in it, she asked, “Could you please make me a scarf with THAT yarn??”

I had made her one last year that was a simple pink, in acrylic, and she was very appreciative, but obviously this 9 year-old has more expensive and mature taste than I anticipated!! :wink:

Oh my gosh, that has got to be one of the most beautiful scarves I’ve ever seen :inlove: I LOVE it. Is it soft?

I love it, ya big yarn ho! :roflhard: :roflhard: OMG I about died when I saw your siggy!

Thanks so much–it’s so nice of you to say that!! No–it isn’t soft–YET–I’m hoping it will be when I steam and block it…if it isn’t, I’m going to be so disappointed!! I wonder if there’s a softening “agent” to put in cold water to soften wool??

If it doesn’t block soft, I’ll make her a scarf with some mmMalagrigo I’ve gotten hid away…the only thing is–she loved these colors so much!

That’s beautiful :smiley:

Purrrrrrretty! :heart: :heart: :heart:

wow - that’s gorgeous!!! i love that colorway.


:inlove: mMMmMmmMmmmmm that is gorgeous!!!

<giggle> those kids with their expensive tastes! I am loving this scarf Ellen.

That is beautiful, Trudy!

Thats so pretty!! Noro yarns are my favorite. I love their colors. I use their yarns often. :XX: :XX:

THanks to everyone–you give me strength to finish things!! (And give them away to 9 year-old girls!! lol–I love her–she’s a sweetie!!)

(And yes… I AM a yarn ho!!)


Gorgeousness! Can’t wait to see the finished product!

The colours are so pretty! That little girl sure has good taste! :smiley:

She does, doesn’t she!!

It’s a really simple pattern–only 2 rows and the 1 cable row, which is only once in every 14 rows!! So the other is easy to remember. I’ve learned to cable without a cable needle, and it’s so awesome! I love not having to fool with another needle, and I’m using the # 8 addis for this…but I’ll bet I should have used something larger–its a very tightly woven scarf–it may have been much better looser–but I’m not ripping all this out!!

I’e really become a cable fan after doing this!! :cheering:

I’ve heard that hair conditioner can soften wool. Maybe put a little in when you wash it?

my, doesn’t that look pretty :cheering:

Oooh, that’s beautiful!! :inlove:

Eucalan wool wash has lanolin in it, so perhaps it might help soften the scarf.