WIP--need your opinion (with pics)

Greetings and Salutations!

I’m working on a scarf and I’d love some design opinions. I just did four repeats of a scallop pattern stitch tonight to see what it looked like in the yarn. So whaddaya think–does it need a border? or something else? or some variation?

This isn’t intended to be a truly functional item, more like a decorative scarf. It’s for my 15 yr old cousin. She requested “brown and white” and “kinda lacy but not too holey.”

This is what I’ve got so far:

Thanks for your input!

I think it looks great, as is. You may want to consider knitting half the length, then start another half of one and join them together so both ends have the scallop.


Oh good point! I wouldn’t have thought about that until I was six feet into the thing :teehee: .

I wouldn’t have thought of it either. It looks great as is and a border would probably detract from the nice scallops.

I think it’s gorgeous just the way it is!

It is truly lovely and different than your basic squared off scarf. I am sure she will love it!

Thanks everybody :muah: .
The colors remind me of a Hoodsie cup, mmmmm…ice cream. I’ll make sure to post pics when it’s done.

I LOVE THAT!! Wow - such a great stitch pattern. I wouldn’t do anything except for the suggestion of knitting two sides for the scallops.


Gawgeous! I love the colors, especially. I would put a border on it for me, but that’s because I’m weird and like edges to be straight. I think it’s lovely just as it is!

WoW!!! It is GORGEOUS just the way it is!!! :thud:

:heart: :heart: :heart: I really Really REALLY like this scarf! It is sooo cute! :teehee: And you should definitly knit it in the oppsite direction when you are half way!! So that way, both ends are rounded!! :muah: