WIP: need moral support

Make me finish this. LOL I am not used to knitting with such little needles and yarn (sz 2) so this project is frustrating me already. I knit 1hr Tues night and every spare moment yesterday and my wrists are feeling it today. I only got barely 6 cm done. This will take forever. The good news is it is a baby jacket so the back which is what I’ve started with is supposed to be 26cm before the neck shaping. I’m just not sure I can keep up with it knowing it will take so long and yet still just b ethis tiny thing and I hate to say it but I doubt anyone will really get how long it took ywkim?

I feel your pain! I get very frustrated knitting with small needles - feel like I am never going to finish (sometimes feel this way with LARGER needles, lol) But know that we are here, cheering you on!

Keep plugging away and soon enough it will start to take shape !

YOu can do it! Knit, GirlChris, knit!

Think of how nicely it will drape when you get done.
You can do it! :knitting: <–you

I’m knitting with #2US dpn for a sock. I know what you mean about it being slow. I do a little and I don’t expect it to go fast. Be sure to take pictures after you finish, because you know how long it took and you can always look back on it, with fond memories, I hope.

I completely understand what you are saying about hard work on a baby knitting project. The first baby blanket that I knit I made it in individual squares and put them together in rows and columns and added a crocheted border. That took about a year to make and it ended up being so big that it will probably be given to me by my mother when I have kids (which is at least 5 or 6 years down the line). It is very beautiful and the hard work paid of. It is made from Caron Simply Soft Baby Brights.

I understand how you feel about this, but think how beautiful it will look when you finish.

So, goooo GirlChris! :knitting:

It’s 100 degrees here and I’m making a baby surprise sweater for a preggo friend. It used small needles too. Just do a little at a time. You’ll get there. I’m right there with you:hug:

I do know how you feel but it will be beautiful when you get it done.

:happydance: You can do it!! Just becareful of your wrists and don’t over do it :hug:

Well after a week and a half I finally finished the back of the baby jacket. The problem is I made a major mistake and am so upset with myself. I was having trouble with the yard suddenly breaking. Did I rip it back? Of course not, I just tied it off mid row. This happened several times. Some sort of trouble with the yarn. Anyway I have 4 knots in it so do I weave the ends through to make sure they are secure? of course not, since I didn’t have a needle tiny enough to weave them through I just figured I’d tie them several times and then cut off the extra I’m sure they will be fine right? Of course not. So I already noticed one coming undone and had to save it and get it tied back up. I am so mad at myself. I am also torn, do I finish it and when I give it to her just warn her it is fragile and hand wash it or do I just scrap all that work? I am not willing to do it again, I’m just too upset about it. If I don’t give it to her then I just won’t finish it and will move onto a different project but I am just so POd. What do you think I should do?

Finish it and figure, hey it’s homemade and not meant to be perfect

move onto something different and figure it a lesson learned

Just do a little at a time and have a fun project to work on when you get tired of it. But don’t quit. it will be worth it. I have a baby sweater going and I have almost seven inches done. I am feeling good about that.

awww I am so sorrythat your yarn was not very good.
I think you should do what you feel like doing. .
If you continue and leave the knots in it may come apart after you have given it away.
I know you do not want to restart but maybe you could do a nother one in different yarn or even with a completely different pattern.
Good luck whatever you decide!

:hug: :heart: :hug:

I agree…if your not loving the project I would stop and maybe find something else that jumps out at you…

You know knitting is almost magical. Something we should keep in out minds. I knit away and start to dwell on how long something is taking and I start to obsess and then suddenly I take notice hwo far along I am and realize I might only have a row or two left. ( I also find out I went to far many times). Anyway in no time you will posting the finished object. Just tell yourself your getting and there and Hocus Pocus it will be done.