WIP: my unnamed sweater

Hi Everyone! I just thought I’d share the front panel of my very first sweater! I learned how to knit last February, knitted a few items (all square or rectangular) through March, and picked up the needles again in late October as the cool weather hit. This time I was determined to do something with cables and I wanted a sweater.

Slowly but surely it’s coming together! I know the design I want on the backpanel but am having the devil of a time trying to read the chart and write it out into text instructions. ::sigh::

But here’s the front panel as of two weeks ago! I haven’t really touched it since because I got distracted by trying to do a lace scarf…and then Turkey Day…and, well, you know how it goes! I cannot wait to see everyone else’s things and “meet” you online!

That’s your first cabling? :shock: :cheering: :cheering: Unbelievable! Wonderful job.

Do yourself a favor and really try to learn to read charts. So much faster!

Wow! I’m really impressed! :happydance:

yea, that’s reeeeaaally good! :shock: :happydance:

Wow, your first sweater and you incorporate cables :shock:
:thumbsup: for you!

And I agree with Ingrid about the chart reading thing. What has helped me on charts for cables was marking the different cables with different colors.

Good grief! Your first sweater? Seriously? I am very impressed and feeling rather… slow! With my first sweater I was thrilled to be able to make the front and back match and sleeves that actually fit a human being! Forget cables… it was a while before I tried those!

Keep up the fantastic work!!! :thumbsup:


You are a brave and very talented soul!

:cheering: :cheering:

:shock: Oh wow, that’s just beautiful! Very impressive!! Welcome to KH!

:shock: wow your first cables great job :cheering: :thumbsup:

Thank you, thank you! I’m quite proud of 'em and amazed that I don’t have any problems with it SO FAR…no extra stitches, no big loopies, etc. Of course, it IS going rather slowly, but I figure when I finish, I’ll be happy with end product. <keeping fingers crossed>

I’m not following a pattern for the sweater…instead I’m following what my mom tells me. I’ve taught her how to read some basic patterns…she just kinda KNOWS what to do. OK, Tiffany, now decrease here by doing this, and now do it every other row…and now work it in pattern for x many more inches…

I have to keep a log of which row I just completed or I’m lost. :wink:

The charts – everyone tells me that charts are easier to read once you learn how…but I’m the impatient sort (I blame it on being an Aries…I never learn the basics, I just jump into the complicated, hence the cables on my first sweater) and want it written out so I can just DO IT. LOL But I have no doubt that I will prevail…eventually!


OH TIFF!!! Its BEAUTIFUL!!! :inlove:

Gawgeous! :cheering:

So very Pretty!

STUNNING, fantastic cabling…just GAWGEOUS :heart:

That is beautiful! Great job. :thumbsup:

WOW. I can’t believe that’s your first sweater-the cables look amazing!!

I was all proud doing my first sweater…but it looks kinda puny next to that, LOL! :wink: Very inspiring! I love cables, now I wanna try it too!

:heart: your sweater!

Tiffany –

I love your sweater, and I think it’s wonderful that you do what your Mama tells you. :lol:

Great work!!!

My mom may be tiny, but she’s a dragon. LOL Actually, she gets frustrated with me because I want to know WHY and HOW exactly did she figure that out. She just says, “I don’t know! Just do it!” LOL

It’s even though…I taught her how to cable and read a basic written instructions pattern. Next, we want to tackle a fair isle pattern and maybe a pair of socks. :slight_smile:

still plugging along on that front panel… :XX:

Very nice work! The cables do seem to go slower that other knitting, but it is so nice to see the work in the end…makes me feel very knitterly :slight_smile:

Omg I’m so jealous! My first sweater is so plain and boring! It’s what I’m knitting right now! Waaaaiiii! cries

Btw… BEAUTIFUL!!! Teach me your ways oh Goddess!!! :shock: