WIP: My first sweater!

I’m so excited I couldn’t wait until it was finished to share!

I have about 6" left to knit on the body then I can do the sleeves and finish the neck (this is for my grandson).

The pattern is from Knitting Pure & Simple and the yarn is from Universal Yarn, Classic Worsted Tapestry. I really like how the color pattern is coming out. I went by the lys today and bought some more of this yarn in a different colorway for another sweater.

Thanks for letting me share my excitement!

Your knitting is beautiful! I love the colors. What pattern are you using?

Thank you!

The pattern is from Knitting Pure & Simple, Baby Pullover #214. The sizes range from 6 mos. to 24 mos. I’m doing the 18 month size. It’s really simple and easy to follow. I’m having a lot of fun with it!

Thank you again for your nice comments.

Take care!

Looks great - I love the yarn color. Once I finished my first sweater I felt like I could knit anything and it really spurred me on to being more adventurous. Enjoy! I’m sure your grandson will :heart: it!

ohh I love the color of the yarn…can’t wait to see it finished…looking good :happydance:

Thank you, Heather!

I know what you mean about feeling like you can go on to so much more! My knitting confidence is certainly increasing.

I’m down to the last two inches of the body. I should have this done very soon!

Looks great. Love the yarn colors

Looks like it’s gonna be beautiful!

Thank you for your kind comments and sharing in my excitement!

I ran into a bit of a snag today. I must have been stretching the sweater a bit measuring the length.

Well, I bound off, and it was too short by an inch. So I let it sit all afternoon and tonight decided to frog back about 5 rows (3 rows of 1 x 1 rib) to get the length I needed. I’m just about to the binding off point again.

As the saying goes, “measure twice, cut once”. :wink:

The yarn is beautiful!! it coming out so pretty so far!!

Looks great- keep up the good work!

That is turning out beautiful - what a gorgeous colorway!!! :inlove:

Hmmmm…can I justify getting some of that yarn…SURE I CAN! :rofl:

Wow. That is really beautiful. :yay:

i love it!!

What a lovely sweater! I agree - the pattern is fabulous!!v Great job - and don’t forget to post a picture when it’s done!

That is so cool-I love it! I thought it was a complicated Fair Isle pattern at first! :thumbsup: