WIP - my first attempts at socks!

My right foot!!:wink:
My friend in Germany knits loads of socks and sent me some wool and with the aid of my 86 year old mother and a blogger’s pattern (http://winwickmum.blogspot.co.uk/2014/05/basic-sock-pattern-and-tutorial.html) and 4 DPNs I started.

OK it’s not the best sock in the world but i’m quite proud of it :woohoo:

Now, if i can JUST manage the other i’ll have a pair!

It looks fantastic to me. Did you use the dpns all the way or switch to the tiny circular? Love the yarn colors. You have [I]got[/I] to knit that second sock.

I used DPNs - I did invest in a short length circular but my mum threw her hands up in horror and I must admit when I tried it I didn’t like it and switched back to the DPNs. I used 4 (ie stitches on 3 and the 4th to knit) which surprised Anja who does hers on 4 and uses the 5th to knit - again that was because mum said there weren’t enough stitches for 4 and she was right. The pattern is just a beginners sock pattern - I must admit I love the way the colours of the wool have knit up, i’m on the heel flap of the second and I have already bought more sock wool to do some more!

That’s a lovely sock. The pair will be 2x as lovely. Enjoy wearing them.

Those are pretty! :yay:

Those are lovely, especially for a first try!

I admire you - socks have always been beyond me!!