WIP - Music Scarf!

Hey all! I started knitting a scarf for my music teacher this weekend, and I couldn’t help but show off the beginning. It’s my first piece of color work, so it’s not perfect, but I’m very proud of it. :woot: It’s my own pattern, but is based off of this crochet chart.

I am using Lion Brand Wool-Ease in Fisherman and Black, with size 8 circulars.



Wow! That is awesome! You’re doing a great job, what a lucky teacher you have!

It’s goooorgeous!

Very nice work!

:inlove: LOVE IT!!!

Looks great. Very nice work.

Thank you all so much!! I’m flattered! Haha.

That is truly awesome! What a joy to have a one of a kind piece lovingly made by a student.

Wow!! I have a lot of musician friends who would love a scarf like that. I know one day I too will be able to knit something like that.:happydance:

Wow! That looks great! Can’t wait to see it looks like finished.

Great job! For sure you will be Teacher’s Pet after this gift!!! Keep up the good work.

Yes - you will be the star of the studio. But keep practicing anyway :slight_smile:

Beautiful! Can’t wait to see it finished!!

WOW !! I love it :slight_smile:

It looks pretty perfect to me! I’m sure your teacher will be thrilled!

:happydance: it looks wonderful!!

It’s looking awesome! :yay:

I hope to cast on a similar project eventually!

I’m music teacher also:yay: :thumbsup: