WIP - Multidirectional scarf

I love this pattern…it’s so easy and fun to do! It’s done with shortrows.
Multidirectional Diagonal Scarf
The yarn is Caron Simply Soft Shadows in Dark Moss. That photo color on their website is so awful! It’s a beautiful deep green mix.

That’s beautiful! :inlove:

I’m going to have to get some of this simply soft shadows.

It’s just as soft as the original Simply Soft which is nice. :happydance:

That looks great, Jan!

That’s beautiful! The colors kind of remind me of Karaoke. :heart:

It’s probably a hell of a lot cheaper. Of course it’s acrylic, but it IS very, very soft! Not crappy acrylic at all. :teehee:

:inlove: Gorgeous!!! I really like how that pattern shows off the colors.

I know! Strangely it almost seems to be following the color of the yarn per triangle, but not quite perfect. I’m sure it depends on width of the scarf in the first place.

Thanks to all!

Very pretty. The Multidirectional is on my knit list!

That’s gorgeous Jan! I love the colors. Is it an easy pattern? It looks a little complex to me, but I am a newbie of sorts! :oops: Very pretty. I’ll check it out!

It’s VERY easy! The second triangle starts the pattern that follows through the whole scarf. After a few rows you don’t even need to look at the pattern anymore. It’s that easy!

That doesn’t sound too bad. I’ll have to give it a try ~ I printed it out and put it in my “Projects to Do” folder. I decided to start one and keep track of things I want to knit in one place. I bought an accordian-type folder that has tabs and labled them according to type of projects ~ scarves, socks, etc. and put things I want to do in there. Then I don’t reprint things or put them somewhere and forget where they are! I’m good at that. :oops:

:cheering: :cheering:

That’s very cool!

That is so pretty, and another project to add to my ever growing list.

ETA: You can actually purcahse Caron Yarn directly from their site!

Very nice. It’s good to see what the green one looks like. I have a WIP with the Pearl Frost. I was going to do a scarf similar to this, but I had trouble with it. My pattern was here: http://magknits.com/Sept05/patterns/multi.htm

:muah: :cheering: :hug:

That looks like such fun! Very interestinnnnng. I made a really wierd handbag with triangles, incredible pattern. I’ll have to post that.

It’s gorgeous Jan! I’d love to try this pattern after the holidays. :slight_smile:

Thank you! It was a fun pattern. I still need to get more yarn. Just not enough time lately and with my luck it’ll be a different dye lot. At least I enjoyed learning a new thing. :teehee: