WIP-Multidirectional Diagonal Scarf

Since I’ve made the decision to knit only from stash (read had the decision made for me :pout: ), I’m finishing wips. This is something I started in late 2006! http://douma.net/Karen/knitting/Accessory-Scarves/Multidirectional_Diagonal_Scarf.htm

Echo cotton blend ribbon by Berroco; it was discontinued when I purchased it. Needle size US7 straights. This scarf is going to be 3 colors, 2 balls each: already knitted is Graphite and Ranch Hand. The 3rd color is called Spanish Moss (shown in second picture). I’m doing 3 triangles in each color. It’s really easy and fun; I don’t know why I stopped before. :think:

Very cool, funky pattern. Great use of your stash yarn.

I like that scarf!:thumbsup:

What an unusual pattern, that’ll be great! Can’t wait to see the FO!

WOW! Hey! I really like that scarf! It almost looks shawdowy.
[CENTER][B]VERY COOL! :thumbsup: [/B][/CENTER]

:happydance: very nice!!

very funky! Great use of pattern with the color of the yarn! Nice Work!!
Keep it up

love your colors:blooby: