WIP- Monica tank

Here’s the front of my first Monica tank for my 5yo daughter. This is my first “real” project! :slight_smile: I did this over the weekend, and have cast on for the back but only done about 3 rows.

Shelley, thanks again for the eyelet pattern! :slight_smile:

that is just adorable!!!

[color=indigo] :cheering: Looks great… I love the eyelet pattern. :happydance: I finished up my second one using Feather and Fan. I did mine in the round and CO the 200+ sts for the ruffle on the second one was a real challenge! :teehee: Pics on my blog if you want to see how it turned out.[/color]

Lizzie- I bet that was a challenge! I’ve been watching your blog to see how yours are coming out- they’re beautiful!!


That’s just sooooo beautiful! Great job on the stitch pattern. I think it really adds alot to the top. Can’t wait to see it finished!!


Thanks! :slight_smile:

How did ya’ll seam the straps together? It seems like with just 3 stitches, it won’t be a very strong join! Are they holding up?


Here’s what I’m doing…I’m going to make 4 straps so that they can be tied up at the top. I thought that it may come in handy once the straps start to stretch out… just a thought.

Shelley, what a great idea!! They’ll be really cute with little bows on the shoulders!

Pretty! I like the pink color you have chosen. :cheering:

What a good idea, wish I’d have thought of that. I crocheted my straps on. My best friend suggested I-cord, but I find that so fiddly… :teehee: [color=indigo][/color]

That is sooooooooooo cute can hardly wait to see it finished