WIP: mitered squares blanket update

I’ve finally finished all 20 mitered squares! Ran out of yarn actually.
I was going to knit either 20 squares, or 24 squares. But the yarn dictated THE END.

Here is a layout:

I have knit up one of the FRAMES so far:

I took a digital photo of the layout so that I can piece the blanket back together after each framed square is blocked with full soak & rinse (3-needle bind-off technique to join the blocks side-to-side on each row…then lastly, the ‘strips’ will join together).

Rav Notes

Ooo pretty! Looks a little like stained glass!

That is amazing; it is coming along so well.

It’s fascinating to see this in progress. The colors are luscious and the edging is a perfect frame. Thanks for a glimpse at the work in progress.

Wow that’s really pretty. You make such beautiful things. :slight_smile:

How convenient that you have the right rug to serve as the white background. It is really nice to be able to see how it is going to look with each square surrounded by white. It’s going to look really good. Have you already got a home figured out for this quilt?

Oh yes! At price of this yarn, it isn’t going anywhere but the back of my sofa! :teehee:

LOL Good place for it. :thumbsup:

Well it’s a darn good thing I stopped knitting and blocked these 6 frames squares! They fit perfectly, and by the time I was done jockeying them around to perfectly matching dimensions…my back was killing me.

The outer dimensions are 36cm x 36cm…the colored parts are 25cm across by 25cm across.

Funny, even though I used the same needle, the same yarn…some of the colored parts had to be coaxed out to the 25cm across. Some of them naturally wanted to be 24cm across. I trust that in the drying process, the 25cm across will ‘cement’ into place.

Four of these warm-colored tiles are the 4 cornerstones of the blanket.

Well, that’s going to be spectacular!!!

Fantastic. The colors are so alive. You have a very fortunate sofa, by the way. One of my sofas is just ‘begging’ for something like this. :teehee: