WIP: "Max"...a manly pullover!

Hi"ya! :waving:

Well, I did what I said I wasn’t gonna do EVER AGAIN: knit a second sweater for my DH! He is a hot body, and doesn’t wear sweaters ‘n’ coats often.

I have the swatching done…hanks all wound into neat little cakes (17 of them!) and will cast on tonight!

“Max” is a new design from Elsebeth Lavold’s newest book:
The Walk in The Park Collection!

I am not using her signature yarn. I am using STASH yarn! :cheering:
(Araucania Atacama in Colorway 506…100% alpaca). It is supposedly a worsted weight yarn, however, I did NOT like it for worsted wt patterns. The stocking stitch is too loosey-goosey IMHO. May work better with other worsted patterns.

Araucania Atacama is a perfect DK weight using US 6 needles! 22st knit to a perfect 4"…and is not too compact nor tight. Yeah!

“Max” …a manly pullover! (photo from book, worth posting, huh?!)

My Yarn: DH likes its “camouflage” coloration!

My un-blocked, un-tweaked gauge swatch:

Closeup of the pattern stitch:

Here’s the book:

That looks like a great pattern. Love your choice of yarn.

Wow nice guy I mean sweater

Yum! Love the colorway of the yarn. :slight_smile:

It’s darn near impossible to keep up with your creative productions. Every time I return to this forum seems you’ve posted another de-lish piece. :wink:


It will be beautiful!

Great colors! It’s going to be a fab sweater! And I mean fab in the most manly possible way!

ArtLady, it looks like a great pattern! Are you sure the pattern will show with the variegated yarn? Did you make a swatch with the pattern?

Thanks for posting the photos–I can’t take my :eyes: eyes of the handsome - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -ummmmmmmm - - - - -sweater, yeah, sure, that’s right, the sweater. :teehee:

That is going to be a fantastic sweater!

No, I didn’t swatch with the pattern. :pout: I did think about the “pattern” on a field of “tweed” colors…you’re right…the pattern won’t ‘pop’ as much as with solid color yarn…but [I]I think[/I] the pattern will texturize the overall look. The arms are solid st st.

I haven’t gotten too far on the BACK. I think I will make a swatch later today. Will post it here for feedback.

Stay tuned.

If I don’t like it, :eyes: or if it is horrid…I would change patterns rather than yarn. I want to use this yarn. He likes it. :eyebrow:

OK, here are a couple photos of the ‘pattern swatch’…two repeats across, one repeat tall. Had to pin it out in lieu of blocking.

Tell me honestly, will it be ok with this yarn and pattern together?

Or do you really think I should search for a different pattern for this yarn…

I have not gotten beyond the ribbing, so I [B]can easily FROG[/B] and start a new pattern with this gorgeous yarn.

Here is a different pattern swatch. Anyone want to weigh in on it’s appearance VS the other pattern swatch??

I think it will look great with the pattern you chose. Of course,everything you knit looks perfect and if anyone can pull this off, it’s you ~

Can you tell I admire your talent?

Maybe the original pattern will show more on a bigger piece…On the swatches the second pattern shows better, IMHO. Though i’m pretty sure that everything that you’ll do will turn out gorgeous :muah:

I like the basket weave better.I made a sweater for my son(23)-yrs) in Basket weave and it turned out really nice.

I think the second shows the pattern a little more but either will look great. Your work always looks wonderful.

Wow, I really like the look of that sweater. I’d wear it.

Hi all! :waving: Thanks for all your input. Yeah, I think the original “MAX” pattern stitch would “show off” better with a greater amount done…and blocked. It definitely needs blocking to pull it into shape.

I frogged what I had done…and I am working on my Branching Out scarf…and staring at “Max” pattern and yarn.

I am so conflicted. So, I am going to give it a rest and mull it over.

You are right, momwolf…basketweave really shows off nicely…it is much more simply stated on the tweed yarn.
I like how rev st st blocks appear horizontal …and alternating st st blocks appear vertical. That is cool in itself.

But, I have not given the original pattern stitch a fair shake. Maybe I will go at it in the original pattern…with the realization that FROGGING is always an option. Right?
The yarn was not cheap…sigh…so I want it to be right on, artistically speaking.

It is easy to convert the Max pattern pieces to basketweave. Then, what to do with the sleeves…what to do…what to do…they would need to be basketweave as well.

The original Max pattern stitch has so much plain st st areas…that the st st sleeves don’t appear ‘out of pocket’.

Well, thanks for all your input! I am in a dilemma…and I appreciate your input. Anyone else want to weigh in on this? What are your ideas and comments?

In anyone’s opinion, is there a pattern stitch other than ‘original Max’ and basketweave that would suit this yarn I have?

Perhaps I will take a peek :eyes: through my multitudinous books later today…:eyes:

Stay Tuned. :eyebrow:

Niiiice! My DH is same way. I don’t know if I will EVER get to make him a sweater…he wears dress shirts all winter here in S. TX!

Maybe it’s just me, but maybe you’re over thinking this? I think the original pattern would look great in that. It would definitely suits the average guy’s tastes I should think. I would like it.