WIP: Mans scarf

For a friend at where i volunteer, i’ve crocheted a hat for one person and crochets a scarf for another - I guess that what i get for crocheting a my work.

Its in Crows colours a football team here in south Australia.

Just hoping its wide enough its about 6-6.5 inches wide will be wider with the crocheted edge i’ll do.

Sorry if the scan is a bit weird, i had to mess around with the colours until the navy stopped looking black. I found the scanner brings out much better pics then my dodgey mobile (cell) phone camera

Its in Acrylic yarn on 5mm needles

Looks like a great scarf! It will be nice to have since you are heading into winter there…how cold does it get in Australia in the winter time?

Thanks gardenmommy, its gets about 50-59F (about 10-15C) most days, less than 41F (less than 5C) at nights thats in the middle of winter.

Great colors :smiley:

Great start!

That’s very pretty!