WIP: Log Cabin Afghan

I’ve always wanted to knit an afghan… but, I knew that as much as I might ‘want’ an afghan… there was NO WAY that I would knit endless and endless rows of knitting until it was completed… so, it was either… own a ‘knitted table runner’ (what it would be after I stopped knitting an afghan) or just not even try to knit one…

THAT is… until a couple of weeks ago… I did a swatch using this neat tweedy yarn that I bought…

and once I did the swatch… and had cast off… I noticed that the yarn had changed to a new color… and I turned my knitting to one side… and picked up stitches and the rest is history… I now have almost 15 of these squares… in a variety of tweedy colors. I’m also accenting some of them w/ a solid blue color.

Here’s one…

I like the color change and the texture. Tweeds yarns are one of my favorites.
What determined what size you made your blocks, or was this from a pattern?

no pattern… (well, there are probably many log cabin knitting patterns out there) but, what I did was… knit my swatch until the color changed… and the rest is history… the first one was simply… oooh, look the color changes… time to cast off and pick up stitches…

Now, not all the others are such an even color change… but, they are all different… AND, a couple of the skeins… didn’t have big color changes… so, I used a solid blue yarn… to knit that second round to break up the colors some… and then back to the tweedy yarn for the last round.

I like the color changes! That is what makes variegated and tweed yarn so much interesting and fun , THE COLOR CHANGES. Wip of socks with variegated yarn and the color changes are so nice. I can’t wait to see your finished afghan.:cheering: I have put of knitting one myself as I knew they took longer to maker than a crochet version.

I just love the colours in that yarn. That is going to be very pretty when completed.

I saw the post on your blog about the transfer. When will you be moving? You will miss the yarn market.

This doesn’t take long at all and it’s one of those knitting projects that can travel with you… and you can stop and start… no pattern to worry about/etc.
On my blog… there is an posting that tells how I did my log cabin… or ‘the pattern’ if you can call it that…

I have already made 15 squares in almost 3 weeks and I don’t knit on it constantly.


I won’t move until school is out this summer… and I know… I may have to buy more and more yarn… just in case… there’s not a lot of ‘neat’ yarn where I end up going. Of course, I have plenty of yarn… but, there are always great new yarns to buy too… right? :teehee:

What yarn is that? It looks yummy to work with and your square is very pretty. :heart:

It is a yarn from Australia… 100% wool (soft) and the brand name is: Melody Joba

I don’t know if you can find it where you are?? I bought it in Seoul, South Korea in a yarn market… but, the same yarn could be sold in the states.?? but, they sometimes change names when the yarn is imported??

Thanks for the info but I’m betting it can’t be found here in the US. I’ll be at my LYS this Sunday and I’ll ask the owner about it. I’m sure if I print your photo of the yarn that she’ll have something that’s very close. :thumbsup:

you might want to try something similar to Caron Simply Soft Shadows…

That’s going to be gorgeous!!

If it’s a worsted weight yarn, it looks like it might be this

That’s it! Of course… w/ a little name change…

We are using 4 different color ways… (one of which isn’t shown on the colors available) I bought 2 different colorways… (package of 10 is how it’s sold here) because I couldn’t decide on one color… and then, after I knitted the first swatch- that became a log cabin… I showed it to my friend (that I’m teaching how to knit) and she agreed to buy 2 more ‘different’ from what I had already purchased colorways… and we split them up and now we have half of 4 different colorways!

I am using the first 2 and the last one… and then one w/ a lot of blues/greens… that isn’t shown on that yarn site.

My yarn didn’t cost as much either… sorry… I figured it will take 20 skeins to make an afghan… and since, I’m using a solid color for one round on some of my squares… I’ll get more than 20 squares once I’m finished… maybe 24?

Good detective work… and it’s soft and a good quality yarn.

Oh, wow!!! Thanks very much, MomTo! No wonder I couldn’t find it when I searched for Jojo yarn. LOL!

If my LYS doesn’t carry it, now I know where to get it. Thanks a bunch!! :muah: