WIP: Lilac sweater with white flowers. Crochet vs sewing on shoulders?

Hi again,

here is what I am working on, will be ready soon.

In my other thread about sweaters I mentioned that I prefer to crochet pieces together rather then sew. Here is why – no gap on the right side, no bulky seam on the wrong side. If anyone is interested, I can provide more detailed instructions. It came to me accidentally, so I wonder if anyone else does it this way? (Sorry about colour variations – was trying to make it look real and butchered each one in a different way) :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to see it all done!

I haven’t crochet anything together. I tend to make things as seamless as I can. I have done some random crochet, but not for seams.

It looks really nice! Another little girl sweater?


I am with you on as little seams as possible :slight_smile: but sometimes you just [I]have to[/I] have them :slight_smile:

Yep, the ‘reuse’ kind of thing :slight_smile: or as it’s nicely put here ‘repurpose’ :slight_smile: It seems that most of the time it all starts with the yarn and everything else follows

Oh my gosh that is so adorable. I love all purple colors so I am prejudiced. I need to learn how to crochet more than a single crochet. Wonderful idea

That is going to be adorable. It’s a beautiful color and beautiful work, again.
Agreed, the less seaming, the better but I’m interested in how you crochet the pieces together.

LOL, no you don’t! :slight_smile: [I]It is[/I] a single crochet stitch :slight_smile:

  1. put two pieces of a garment together, right sides facing each other.
  2. align the edge stitches
    3 grab your work yarn that you used to cast off and make one starting loop (like beginning of a chain stitch)
  3. insert the hook trough both edge stitches on one side, grab the yarn on the other side. now you have two stitches on the hook. grab the yarn that is still on the other side and pull through both loops. rinse, repeat :slight_smile:

now, before I make pictures or a video…

just in case, if it’s not clear what ‘the other side’ is. imagine front and back of a sweater, for example, facing each other and making ‘a wall’. if you hold it vertically, you are on one side of the wall, you go through the wall with your hook to grab the yarn that hangs on the other side. then you go over the top of the wall to grab the yarn and pull through both loops to form a seam ‘on top’ of the wall.

to salmonmac:

I just looked at your response to stitching pieces with 3 needle bind off and a matress stitch in a different thread and realized that I know nothing :slight_smile:

I tried them both and I love them! So neat! But I do come from a different knitting planet so I try to resolve issues others simply don’t have… Still digesting it. Apparently, people do things differently on the other side of the ocean :slight_smile:

I haven’t started garments yet but I make toys sometimes…I imagine this would work for seaming the larger ones? I don’t know how to crochet but this seems fairly easy.

I love this sweater, I have several granddaughters and they would love this! I, for one, would love the instructions for crocheting seams! I hate to sew seams, and I have a few things all done except for the seaming! Are you on Ravelry? I am booklady on Ravelry if you would like to personal message me.


Sorry, I see you already answered, I posted too fast!

I would like to make videos ‘how to make all kinds of sweaters without patterns’, and some other tricks, like crocheting seems :slight_smile: … so I appreciate all kinds of feedback. I am still doing research and when I gather enough info, I will start a new thread about it and I hope you will be kind enough to let me know if my project makes any sense. Basically, I would love to teach people what I know because it’s a fun, creative and easy thing to do – make your own garments. I have this simple analogy I am planning to use and some funky animation to make videos interesting. But it’s a lot of work and I wonder if it can be profitable at all? Or it can be just a hobby? I [I]love[/I] the enterprenual spirit of the website and your guildelines about intellectual property and small business support as well as free sharing are all very dear to my heart :slight_smile:

And I would gladly write a pattern (if I could, I will try) – it seems that some people would be interested. I am registereed on Ravelry but didn’t post anything yet.

So thank you again for your interest, you inspire me :slight_smile: