WIP - LB homespun hoodie

Yes, I am using the dreaded LB Homespun to make a hoodie for my nephew for Christmas. It’s nothing fancy but… at least it’s coming out the way it should with no surprises. And, best of all, no dropped stitches or major oops (knock on wood!) and looks to be the right size. It photographs VERY red but is actually a bit more muted than it looks here. Well, he is 4 so… he’ll like it! Plus he’ll be very visable. The band at the bottom is done in “Edwardian” and the rest in “Covered Bridge”.

I really don’t get why everyone dislikes this yarn so much? At least it doesn’t shed and you just throw it into the washer and dryer. Oh, well…

Later, Angela

awesome job! :thumbsup: :XX:

I LOVE the colors, and you are doing a great job! :thumbsup:

Personally, I do like Homespun. Since I live in a small town with no craft stores, I’m forced to use only what Wal-Mart carries, and online shopping. I frequently end up using what I can get at Wal-Mart, and they do carry Homespun. I found a skein of it at Salvation Army today for fifty cents. Yahoo! :happydance:

:oops: I started one of those ummm five years ago and Im not done yet!

You’re inspiring me to finish!!!

Homespun is very difficult to work with in my expereince. My needles keep going through the wrong stich, or the yarn is real splitty. Its just so wavy its hard to tell where I’m at. But it IS pretty and soft and washable and alla that. So I say if it works for you then knit on :thumbsup:

I have two reasons I don’t like it and both of them are “personal issues”.

  1. I tend to knit tightly. This yarn is not forgiving of that. I am trying to knit looser, and in fact am working on a homespun scarf right now.

  2. Especially this time of year, I tend to knit at indoor swim meets. This yarn does not much care for humidity. It then sticks, even to my metal needles.

Nonetheless I have a big ole batch of it to make an afghan up after Christmas - so master it I will!

I’ve not had any trouble at all with Homespun. However (and this may be the reason), I’ve only knit a bunch of scarves, holding double strands of yarn, with size 19 needles. With needles that large, it’s pretty easy to see the definement of the stitches.

I’m using the LB Homespun too on a poncho I am making for my 12 yr old. Its hairy for lack of better description… but it so soft and pretty.


:happydance: Great job!!