WIP - lacy edge hat

Thanks to Julie for giving us the pattern!

I had to Frog this a couple times till I figured out what I was doing wrong. :rollseyes: I wasn’t doing the double decrease correctly. Anyhoo… here it is. I took the photo outside and adjust the white balance so it looks more natural now. This pattern forgives a multitude of sins in the lacy part, too. Heh.

You didn’t waste any time! That’s looking great–I got the pattern, too, and look forward to making it.


Jan, it’s beautiful! Girl, u got on yours quick! Like I told Julie, it’s on my ensemble list, along with several others…I think it may be my vacation knitting :wink:
I LOVE IT…IT’S GAWGEOUS…JOB WELL DONE :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

That’s SO pretty! And, love the color~

:inlove: :inlove:

Wow, Jan! :inlove:

Keep posting pics of your progess!

Those sunny, warm mornings of coffee, birdsong, and knitting really do wonders, don’t they?!

Thanks all! I have a sneaking (sinking?) suspicion that this might be too small, but we’ll see. The pattern was sized for size 8 needles and I only had 7 so that’s what I used. If it’s too small I’ll give it to my niece and start over with bigger needles when I get them.

ahem…the pattern recommended 8s, but said to use whatever size needed to knit to gauge…are you telling me you didn’t knit a swatch??? :fingerwag:

(sorry, couldn’t resist) :wink:

Heh… I did a swatch when you first asked. My problem is I’m extremely limited in the needle dept. I also find I tend to knit tight when knitting (for the stockinette) on the metal needles. I have asked for a bunch of knitting stuff for Christmas so I can’t buy anything now. :rollseyes: It’s hard to be sure how this will fit till I get more done though. I’ve added a couple inches to what you see here.

Then again, maybe I just have a big head? :roflhard:

:mrgreen: Just giving you a hard time…

You might be pleasantly surprised. The first one I knit to test the pattern looked like it was going to be the right size, but it was [size=7]GINORMOUS[/size] and I had to frog it.