WIP-Lacy Bonnet

First its been a busy week, I’ve missed yall. And probably wont have time to look at all the pretties :frowning: Ill have to catch up soon.

I’m so close to finishing! I’ve seamed it twice and was happier with the first attempt, I cant make the eyelets on the seam stay open right, and the picture in the book (Knitting for Two) conveniently doesnt have a clear picture of the seam. Oh well.

I just had to show it off, and this picture does not do it justice. It is lovely. Also the picture of the blue sweater in the background I am making for Grace. And Im knitting it in a blue pretty close to that color. I casted on last night and am knitting the sleeves at the same time. I’m going to tweak the pattern a bit by only making the eyelet three holes (one above two) . Ill be tackling that first single eyelet tommorrow. Wish me luck!

Gorgeous! I love that design.

So pretty! I have that book and can’t wait to try that hat!

What yarn are you going to use for the sweater?

Wow is that pretty!

Thanks Ladies! I’m really proud of it, and still in a little disbelief that I’ve finally conquered it.

The yarn for the sweater is Encore. Just about the same color as the picture. It was funny cause the lady at the LYS said arent you going to buy more of that color for your other two girls sweaters? I laughed and said oh no, they wont want to be matching. Well, the first thing my three year old said was “Oh, you can make one for me so we can look like sisters.” And then my ten year old also said “Mom thats the color I want for my sweater.” So. . . :slight_smile: The pattern only goes up to size 24 months, but I’m going to attemt to upscale it for my three year old.

I’m making a real sweater! Yeah!

The bonnet is sweet, it’s just beautiful :smiley: Your girls will look too, too cute with matching sweaters :wink: