WIP: Lace wrap in Twilight Mist

We are taking a cruise for our 40th wedding anniversary next year and I am making a few things to wear. I wanted a light weight wrap just to wear to cover my arms and found this simple pattern. I haven’t done very much lace work and I don’t really have the time to spend on a more complicated lace pattern. It isn’t a grand picture as I can’t extend it out and you can’t see the sparkle it has to it, but you get the idea. I keep going back and working on it when I should be finishing Christmas presents, but it just keeps drawing me back to it to work on. :rofl: The yarn sleeve said this yarn, which is mohair is “bulky” but they had to be smokin’ dope when they printed the labels out as I knew it wasn’t but didn’t know if it was lace weight or fingering. I have a yarn wrap so I checked it and it is a fingering weight yarn. I am making a peach shell to go with it and pairing it with gray dress slacks.

This is beautiful! Nice job with the lace work, too! I hope you get lots of use out of it–in addition to your cruise!

Really beautiful work. It will be lovely in combination with the shell. Enjoy the cruise!

So far, so good! The very subtle yarn colors are beautiful! They transition so softly! :heart:

Stunning! you will be the belle of the ball on the cruise. Happy Anniversary!