WIP -- lace scarf

Just for you Rebecca :wink:

I’m knitting this in Knitpicks Decadnce (fab scarf yarn) on US13 needles. I just grabbed the lace pattern from some book…

CO a multiple of 9 sts + 4 (I did 31 sts)

Row 1 & 3: Purl
Row 2: K3, YO, K2, SSK, K2tog, K2, YO, K1, K2
Row 4: K2, YO, K2, SSK, K2tog, K2, YO, K1, K3

That purple looks DELICIOUS!!

Where was this lace pattern two weeks ago!!!
I’ve been trying to do something in lace to kind of dip my toes in, but I couldn’t find a lace pattern that looked easy enough to memorize… this would have been perfect!!
I’m writing it down right now…

It looks really pretty, I love the purple :inlove:

OOOOOOOH! Love that color! :heart:

You are too sweet, now which one of us is it for :roflhard: :rofling: ?!
That is simply GAWGEOUS, Dahlin’…GAWGEOUS!!! I’m so loving the color :heart: &, of course, the lace :wink:

You know what’s funny…neither picture shows the actual color of the yarn…the avatar pic is way too purple, and the scarf pic is way too blue. It really is a fabulous color…more of a deep plum. :wink: