WIP Lace Edge Magic Shrug

Moda Dea Design Team put out a pattern called The Lace Edge Magic Shrug. It is really cool. You knit a rectangle, using two different patterns and three sizes of needles and then when you are finishing knitting, you sew up the sides to the armhole. That`s it! Easy.

The pattern calls for Moda Dea Fashionista but I am knitting it with Bernat Soft Boucle. The drape is better and it is nice and soft.

No pics yet, I only started it today.

The only thing that is getting to me is that it is 201 stitches across one row. It might take me a while to knit this one. I`ll need a good boot now and then! Anyone willing … :teehee:

Can’t wait to see it!

I looked up the pattern. It looks beautiful! Make sure you post the pic when you get it finished.


That pattern looks very pretty. Am anxious to see it finished.

Here`s the start of it… 3 inches worth! :woohoo:

I looked it up, it’s really nice. Casting on that many stitches is a bit daunting with my hands as bad as they are. Would love to make it though! The color you are using is really nice.

Looks nice so far!

:happydance: Lookin’ good!!