WIP...Koigu Sock

I’m working on my VERY first sock using Silver’s Tutorial.
This is the yarn that my lovely swap pal (Brendajos) sent me.

I may actually finish this WIP!

Great start, beautiful yarn! It’s always fun to see how the yarn in the ball looks when it’s knitted up.

Mama Bear

Love those colors! Looking forward to seeing the finished socks!

Pretty yarn and the sock is looking great! Silver’s tutorial is wonderful – that’s how I made my first socks too!

Those colors… oh my!


Lovely colors! Good luck on the rest of it!!

Love the colors! :happydance:

:heart: gorgeous! :heart:

I’m so excited to see yet another socknitter!!! I can’t wait to see your FO!
I LOVE, LOVE your sock yarn! :cheering: