WIP: Knitted Milk-chan Cosplay

I completely winged this! It’s my own pattern and I didn’t even use a flipping dress form. I knitted this for an anime convention I’m going to on October 30th through November 1st. It’s called Sugoi Con. I’m going as a girl named Milk-chan. I still need to add more details on the hat and the dress. The sleeves are long on purpose if you were wondering why they were so long. I did screw up on one of the sleeves, but you can’t really tell. I hope I win the cosplay contest. Anyway, I used the large yellow Knifty Knitter loom for the dress. For the hat I used the green 36 pegged Knifty knitter loom.

Wow! No pattern! I’m impressed! It looks wonderful!

Thank you so much! I worked like crazy. I knitted one panel for 11 hours nonstop. Crazy, huh? I started on September 28th and Finished seaming the dress on the 14th of October. Now I’m just being lazy with the details. I’m going to make a red i-cord collar and make an i-cord for the hem of the dress. I don’t know when that will be, though. Hehe

Great job on winging it! And good luck!!

Great job! Looks like fun! Let us know how you do in the contest

Looks and sounds like you are in for a whole lot of fun!!

gr8888 job n mind …wel done …shud be proud

Looks great, and congrats on winging it!

Hope you have tons of fun this weekend :yay: