WIP! KnitPicks pattern - modified scarf

Whew!! This one’s taking a while, especially since I frogged this yarn so many times, trying to make it right. It’s from the free pattern section of KnitPicks, visit here.

I knit tight, so I used 10.5 needles first, but it was really stiff, and I really wanted something wider and fluid to use as a wrap. This is coming out perfect! Using US 13 needles - substantial, warm - to use in place of a jacket on cool nights. Am adding a few random glass beads for interest, and fringe will be the final touch. Halfway there!! :happydance:

One of the pics has a knitting gauge ruler for scale, and unfortunately the modeled wrap pic’s a little blurry, but enjoy!


very nice! That yarn looks yummy :drool:

Wow is that pretty!!!

Thanks for the props!! Can’t wait to show y’all the finished project (and snuggle into it during this yucky cold weather).

The yarn is yummy - very soft and non-itchy, and tweedy - it’s giving this a structured pattern a nice rustic look/feel.

Any suggestions on a finishing fringe?? I like the look of the double-knotting type, but worry about it catching on things. I think it might also need a heavier treatment…[/i]

what yarn is that? it’s lovely! nice knitting and great pattern.

Yes, what yarn is that? It’s lovely!

That’s an absolutely gorgeous shawl. :heart:

Just stunning - I love love love the pattern design!

Its soooo pretty! I love it :inlove:

I wanna do that
I REALLY wanna do that


What fun is this!! After coming out of the lurker closet, it’s been great to get feedback - no more vacuum for me! :muah: (No one else I know knits regularly in my social circle.)

The yarn is Mode Dea’s Tweedle Dee - so far it’s looking like it’ll need 6 balls including a fringe treatment. It comes in maybe 4 colorways? Have been getting 'em at my local AC Moore (very reasonable w/their coupons! :cheering: ), but I’ve seen 'em on Joann.com as well. I’m really allergic/sensitive, so it’s ok that it’s 80% acrylic/20% wool - there’s absolutely no itchiness at all, verruh soft, good hand.

I replied to UKBound’s request for a pattern similar to a Lily Chin shawl on General Questions - the basic pattern’s really easy (and easy to memorize), and would be easy to modify in a number of ways: yarn type, needle size, # of cables, ribbing, edging, width of cables… I’d be so curious to see this done up in different ways! Plz show pics if you do!

Beautiful, but gives me a headache just thinking about knitting that thing!

:inlove: wow! that’s gorgeous!!! :inlove:

It’s easy, nonny!! Don’t be thrown off by the size - it’s actually going very quickly and easily now. The worst part was the frogging at the beginning, trying to get it to the right size/fluidity. The cabling is a little bit of a challenge, since they’re TWENTY-FOUR stitches (yup, crossing 12 over 12, w/chunky yarn - THAT was a lesson in learning to knit looser!!), but again, adds to the process as well.

Adding the beads is making it interesting too (they’re not really coming up on the pics, but they’re supposed to be subtle) - I don’t pre-thread them, I slip 'em on randomly over a yarn loop, then knit it like usual. Looks like it’s knitted in (I guess it is!), and I don’t have the headache of having to figure out how many beads to prethread - keeping it spontaneous, or keep moving 'em onto a new ball.

Any suggestions for a fringe treatment??