WIP Karabella pattern

This is the beginning of the first sleeve on the only sweater my daughter ever asked me to make for her. She saw it in an ad for Karabella Aurora yarn, so when it became available I got it. I’m using Dale Svale because it’s machine washable, and that is a must. It’s very splitty, though, so this is going to take a while as I have to pay attention to each and every stitch.

Notice the use of Denise’s gorgeous stitch markers.

That is a beautiful pattern!

Ingrid - I really :heart: everything you make. You’re incredible!

Thanks! I have a feeling it will be a loooooong time before a FO is posted of this baby!

Ingrid, this is very, very stunning…I :heart: LOVE :heart: it!!

VERRRRRY pretty, Ingy!

And, I dont believe you…you’ll have it done by next week. :wink:

lookin good! (as always)

Don’t hold your breath–I still need to finish my son’s never ending scarf. I did get some of it done today while the kids at school got an incentive movie. If they did 80% of their homework for the month they get pizza and a movie. Four of them made it (out of 17) so from 12-2 I got to watch Shark Tale and knit. Not bad, overall!

Gorgeous! I hope you keep posting progress pictures!
Was Shark Tale good? I keep meaning to see that… :wink:

It was very entertaining! You could actually see the actors’ in their ‘fish’ personnas.

Very, Very pretty!! I love the pattern. Can’t wait to see the finished sweater~~Lisa

Very, Very pretty!! I love the pattern. Can’t wait to see the finished sweater~~Lisa

Gorgeous!!! Can’t wait to see the FO!

Very pretty pattern!

It’s funny how all of those animated cartoons pick up the personality of the “real” actor. That somehow makes it more entertaining for me.

Lookin’ good, Ingrid! :thumbsup:

Amazing! I can’t wait to see it when it’s finished!

Oooooh, preeeeeety Ingrid! Love the stitch pattern. Any pics of the completed pattern on the internet to tease us with? Can’t wait to see it complete!

This is the pattern, but looser–my daughter wants to be able to wear different colored tanks under it.

Is she going to go rock climbing with her shoulders held back like that when she wears it, too??!! :wink:

Of course! She’s hoping to meet a hunky rock climber in her new sexy sweater. That’s why it has to be machine washable! :wink: