WIP- "June is for Jag" scarf

I found this pattern on Ravelry while looking for some cable patterns. June is for Jag is so pretty in the original color but looks great in the Red Heart Soft Yarn in Dark Leaf that followed me home from Micheals. :slight_smile: The sides and bottom are curling in a bit. Can Acrylic yarn be blocked regularly?

Acrylic yarn really doesn’t block all that well and what it does do isn’t permanent. For curling edges it’s best to have a border of garter or seed stitch…maybe 4 stitches on each side.

That is a pretty scarf!

That is beautiful! Love it!!!

You’re scarf looks great ! Don’t think acrylic will block though.

I love the link - I saved it to my favorites. I love making scarves as gifts b/c they knit up so fast and easy and are so portable.

lookin good :yay:

The pattern is very nice, and you’re doing a great job with it. Your stockinette is so nice and even!

Beautiful pattern! and your scarf is turning out so pretty!!

Thank you all :slight_smile: I have a quick question. I just learned that when a pattern says slip on your supposed to do it purlwise unless it says otherwise but with this I’ve been slipping it knitwise. Is that going to make a huge difference or will it be ok?

As long as you stay consistent, I think it should be OK for this project.

That is so pretty! Thanks for sharing it, a good gift project for sure. I love doing up scarves. Although I usually do a band on each side to keep it from curling, I’m not sure it wouldn’t spoil the delicate look of this pattern. Please let us know if it curls too much when it’s done?

It’s curling on the sides but I think the curling on the sides looks good. The only place it’s curling that I don’t like is the bottom.

Very pretty!! :thumbsup: