WIP - Jesse's Flames Sweater

A while ago I started this sweater for hubby; it’s the Jesse’s Flames sweater from the Stitch N Bitch Nation book. I currently have only the front done and about half of the back (I had less done on the back when I snapped the pic, but, I’ve been working my butt off trying to finish it for hubby’s b-day…in about a week…HA!). Anyway, I’m really happy with the way it’s turning out! Hubby picked a darker red for the stripe than is shown in the pattern. Hopefully I’ll have it finished soon :knitting::knitting::knitting:

[COLOR=“DarkRed”]That is really pretty…I love the colors…I’m working on a sweater for my new grandson…[/COLOR]

:happydance: looks good!!

That’s going to look great! Can’t wait to see it finished!

Nice knitting work!

It looks great!! keep ti up and you’ll have it done in no time. i can’t wait to see the finished result!!

I’m actually really enjoying this one! I must admit, I was kind of scared starting out because it’s the first big article of clothing I’ve done. The only other thing I’ve made (besides scarves, hats, blankets and cell phone cases) was a tank top for my daughter. Once I accomplished that, I had the confidence to try something a bit bigger. So far, it’s been incredibly easy and easy to understand! I’ll definitely get pics posted once it’s finished!

Thank you all for the comments :slight_smile: