WIP-'Jaywalker' Scarf


[COLOR=black]i bought two hanks of [/COLOR][COLOR=blue]Mystical Creation Yarns (MYC) wool silk[/COLOR][COLOR=black][COLOR=blue],[/COLOR] one in [/COLOR][COLOR=black]’[COLOR=blue]zodiac[/COLOR]’[/COLOR][COLOR=black] and the other in [/COLOR][COLOR=black]’[COLOR=blue]sequin[/COLOR]’[/COLOR][COLOR=black]. It’s thick and thin, and varies from (guessing here) a dk weight to a heavy worsted/bulky weight. I was a little surprised, because i wasn’t aware of that, but I like it still. I do wish I had order two more dis-similar colorways (they are very similar- the effect I was trying to get is diminished by their similarities). I am knitting them into a scarf, inspired by all the [/COLOR][COLOR=blue]chevron scarves I have seen on flickr[/COLOR][COLOR=black]. Since i don’t own the [/COLOR][COLOR=black]"[COLOR=blue]Last Minute Knitted Gifts[/COLOR]"[/COLOR][COLOR=black] book, i have to wing it.
I used the [/COLOR][COLOR=black][COLOR=blue]jaywalker sock pattern[/COLOR] [/COLOR][COLOR=black]as a guide and went from there. here is the pattern i am using.[/COLOR]
you can get the pattern from my blog.:yay:

OOOHHHH AAAAHHHH - that is gorgeous. I want one !!

I looove it! I have lately avoided knitting scarves, but this reminds me to stop being a wimp and come up with the creative possibilities!!

That is extremely cool. Can’t wait to see the finished project.

Oh, it’s beautiful! The colors are great, and the yarn looks like it has a nice sheen. I’ll bet it’s really soft. Love the pattern, too. Can’t wait to see the finished scarf. Please post pics.

That is going to be gorgeous!

thanks everyone! it is very soft and has a very pretty soft shine to it. :heart:
Rachel, i too am not fond of the endlessness of scarves, but i really like this pattern and i bought this yarn with a scarf in mind … so i guess i would just advise find a pattern you love and then wait until you find the yarn that fits it beautifully. then you won’t mind knitting the scarf so much :wink:

That is coming along beautifully. That is two different kinds of yarn? I understood you to say that. They certainly do look the same, looks like one yarn that varies.

I don’t really think scarves ever have to get boring, there are endless possiblities, to match the endless knitting. LOL

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!! Those colors are beautiful and the yarn looks so pretty in the picture. Like you want to reach out and touch it.
I’m thinking about making the jaywalkers my next sock so maybe I should consider a scarf as well.
Thanks for sharing.

MerigoldinWA- they are two different yarns… one is mostly blues and greens with the goldish cream, and the other is mostly blues and purples with a bit of green. i do like it though :slight_smile:

Love the colours

That’s gorgeous. It looks so soft!

They sure work perfectly together. :muah: