WIP: Isobel Scarf

I’m doing this scarf for my partner in the International Scarf Exchange, and I thought I’d share a picture. It’s the Isobel Scarf from Cider Moon Yarn. I’m doing it in Lorna’s Laces Swirl DK, colorway 142 Bucks Bar. I like this pattern a lot, and can’t wait to see what it looks like after a good blocking!!

Very pretty color and pattern!

Wow, that’s beautiful!!

Very pretty. :muah:

That’s a beautiful pattern and yarn!

:heart: :heart: I love it!!


I really like that - very pretty!

so pretty - I love the yarn colors!

Beautiful! You’re doing a wonderful job on that!

That is so gorgeous! You’re doing a great job on it and I love the colors.

Wow!! That stitch pattern really shows off the yarn! Gorgeous! :notworthy:

That’s hypnotic! Great match of pattern and yarn. That’s one lucky partner you’ve got!

Wow! That is a beautiful pattern and is now on my list of things to knit. Yours is gorgeous in that yarn.

this is an interesting stitch pattern. I am saving the pattern for future use!

nice job on your rendition of it. I like the tighter weaver, the pattern comes out in nice relief.

knitting frenzy

What a pretty pattern and I just love the yarn you’re using! :heart:

I love the pattern and the yarn- wonderful job!

ah, this was you that posted over at ISE4!! I have some of that yarn in the same colorway and it is great to see it knitted up. Sometimes you just don’t know what it will look like. I want to knit that very scarf now!! Unless of course that one is for me! :happydance: :roflhard:

I found this pattern a few days back and I am so glad to see it knit using a different yarn. You scarf looks real good.

Pretty lace pattern !