WIP: Irish Hiking Scarf - Opinion needed

I am working in a couple of things right now… the pair of socks that I havent finished yet… :?? and this scarf… which seems to be tighter than it should… opinions… please… :wink:

I think it’s pretty. If you think it’s too tight you could always keep going till you think it’s long enough to make a little purse out of and then sew a lining into it and it would be less likely to curl. Or you could take it all out (frog it) and start over with bigger needles. :shrug:

look at this post http://www.knittinghelp.com/knitting/forum/viewtopic.php?t=17740
And I saw this after I posted a minute ago. :teehee:

I think it is really pretty, i like the yarn! :heart: :heart: I am making the same scarf right now, and yours looks just the same as mine! mine is in pink! my fav color. :happydance: I like the suggestion of making a purse though. i’ll have to try that as well!

I think it looks great. Unless it’s unbearably stiff (is that why you think it’s too tight?), I’d just keep going. That color is beautiful!

Thank you! You all make me feel better… :wink:

It isnt stiff… but it worries me that I cant see the columns between the braids unless I strech it…

One more thing… once I finish it and wash it… it should strech a little bit too, right? :??

I think it’s lovely. do you mean block it? What fiber are you using? Some fibers don’t block.

It is 100% acrylic… it is sooo thick! I was thinking maybe when I wash it the stitches will strect a little bit… Do you think it will work? :??

wowwwww i love that bright color!!! :smiley: it does look kind of tight…but if it feels ok, meaning it doesn’t feel rough, then its fine! :slight_smile: nice pattern!!

Hmm…blocking acrylic…worth a shot anyhow. Usually if you were having that problem with a wool or a cotton, blocking would definitely alleviate the stuck-togetherness. Couldn’t hurt to try. I think if you were to wash it, I’d leave it out of the dryer…seems like heat would make it more likely to curl up on you…