WIP - Irish Hiking baby blanket

Below is a pic of my Irish hiking baby blanket. I am knitting this for a friend who lost her husband suddenly last week. She is expecting their third baby in Dec and we met in Ireland where we worked together for 2yrs. I hope the blanket will be able to bring her some comfort, remembering the happier times they had while living in Ireland.

Stitched with KingCole Comfort Chunky, colour 428 with 7mm needles.

There’s a bit of mistake I have just discovered in my pattern from when I multiplied it, but that now makes it a unique hiking blanket :oops:

That’s a beautiful blanket, and a thoughtful gift from a caring friend. I’m so sorry for her loss, this must be a difficult time for her. I’m glad you can reach out to her in this way. I expect the baby will be well loved and a great comfort to her.

It’s a beautiful blanket in a lovely color and pattern. It’s a treasure to have good friends like you at a time like this.

Its lovely, great colour and I just love cabling :slight_smile:

That’s a beautiful blanket! I see no errors. I’m sorry for your friends loss. :frowning:

What a lovely thing to do! The blanket is just wonderful. Love the beautiful green colour too.
I’m sure your friend will be so pleased to receive it… so sorry for her loss and a baby coming and all… hard times, but at least she will know that someone is thinking of her and her little one.
:hug: :hug:

What a great idea! Making a baby blanket using the IHS pattern!

I’m soooo sorry to hear about her loss! It’s especially sad that baby and daddy will never hug and kiss. It breaks my heart for all three of then…mommy, daddy, baby.

That is gorgeous. And what a thoughtful gift!

It’s beautiful. Congrats on such a fine job. Not a mistake - a design element. How clever of you! Did you like working with the KingCole yarn?

My heart also goes out to your friend for her loss. :grphug:

It is just lovely, though I don’t think I would want to go hiking with the baby! :inlove:

I am so very, very sorry at your friend’s loss. I know part of her heart is now gone. :hug:

You’ve done a WONDERFUL job on the blanket. I hope it will bring some comfort/hope for your friend.


Beautiful blanket, and such a warm, wonderful thing to do for your friend. :heart:

Thanks everyone for the compliments and kind words :heart:

Gertie, the King Cole wool is fine to work with - it’s easy and it knits up fast which is great:knitting:

I love the beautiful green you used. A very nice baby blanket. I’m so sorry about your friend’s loss.

Lovely blanket, it’s beautiful!