WIP- I must be insane

yes, it is true. I’ve never felted before :oops: And I must be some kind of crazy to take on the Mukluks pattern in last months interweave. But I must have them! I am almost finished with one mukluk and I am looking forward to seeing how it comes out. The pattern called for Foxy which is too $$ for me, so I am using… what am I using?? Plymouth Furlano. Well, this is what it is supposed to look like. I hope mine look somewhat similar :lol:

is there a link to this photo? I would like to see a closer shot…interesting…

That’s the closest I could get from the interweave site.

I couldn’t find another picture anywhere, but reading some knitting blogs I have discovered that many people find these not so pretty. Huh. I know I iwll love mine, though!

Oooh, I think those look really cool!! Are you going to put soles on them so you can wear them out and about?

I think those are cool! My mom has some mukluks that she got years and years ago that look similar to those. Hers don’t have the bright colors, but they are still beautiful.

I am not sure… It depends how they come out. Right now I am worried the foot part is going to be too small- everything else around it looks huge!

Cool pattern!! Can’t wait to see how they turn out. You should show us your WIP. :slight_smile:

I like 'em! I think they’ll look cool! :wink:

:thumbsup: :heart: I love them!!! :inlove: no worries, you can do it!!! :inlove:

well, I finished one, and it’s in the wash right now. I know I should wash them both at the same time, but I honestly think the foot is messed up. I don’t want to go through another entire slipper to find them both unwearable. The pattern was not altogether clear for the foot part. I should have asked, I know, but I am impatient and just plodded ahead. :rollseyes: . Only a matter of time, now…

oh darn! Well, I followed the directions and put the mukluk in the wash. I need to check it every 5 minutes. So I checked it at 5 and it was still really big. So I just went to check it again, and the darn thing is locked! It’s a front load, and it never crossed my mind that the machine wouldn’t let me get in. I could shut the machine off altogether, but then all the water will stay in the machine… hrm… maybe I’ll go read the washers manual. :doh:


That’s one strange washing machine…maybe it likes the mukluk and doesn’t want to give it up!

what happened what happened? The suspense is killing me…

apparently my daughters do not find watching a mukluk felt to be fascinating. :lol: after the wash going for an hour I decided to cancel the cycle. So, I did, and it emptied all the water out. I had to run it through a rinse cyle on top of that, and of course there’s still suds in it. Well, bottom line, the foot is too small! Can’t say I am entirely surprised. I shoved a bottle of water in the foot, so it can dry all stretched out. I can just barely squeak my foot into it. And I will have to say that overall it looks like crap. Maybe it’s cause the fur is all wet and stuck together. I hope it will look better once it dries, but seriously. The thing looks horrible. It does look like the picture, except… a little disproportionate, I guess. Once I see how it dries, then I will decide if I am going to make the second one. :thinking:

Well stink! Maybe it will look better after it dries. That doesn’t stop the too-small problem, but it will at least let you know if you should bother.

And no appreciation for the felting, huh?! It’s like magic!

No, they didn’t care for it :lol: I will try again, I think a hat that my mom wanted. If that project fails, then I might just throw my hands in the air and surrender. Though, I will use a different setting on the washing machine next time :doh:

I hope the hat turns out well! And yeah, I’d do some reading up on that washing machine of yours…I’ve never had one that wouldn’t let me in! :shock:

alright. I finally got a picture for you. And I thought I’d spare you the image of my not so cleany shaven winter legs :lol: . Yes- I followed the pattern to the T and mine is striped. Guess that’s what I get for using less $$ yarn. No way am I spending 200+ on the foxy they had asked for :rollseyes: Now I just have to decide if I will try for a second or cut my losses. I’m leaning towards cutting my losses.
Ok, here’s the picture- and please, no laughing too hard :lol:

Well, I don’t think it looks so bad!