WIP - I don't believe I am saying this

[B]OK[/B] so I fibbed… I said it would be a long time before I made… yes, you guessed it, another [B]SCARF!!![/B]

My niece, a 16 year old with a mind of her own and definite likes and dislikes, wanted a … yes, you know what’s coming… [B]SEVEN FOOT [/B]scarf. She wanted lime green! I thought I would be ok for a while because I could not find lime green yarn anywhere.

I went to a LYS yesterday to get a set of dpn sock needles. They only had bamboo, so that is what I got stuck with, but they had [B]LIME GREEN [/B]yarn. I bought two skeins! I came home! I started to knit! I am now at 4 feet long on the skinny scarf!

DH is going to our niece’s house on Monday so I have to have this thing finished by then. I’ve been quiet today because I’ve been knitting [B]ANOTHER SEVEN FOOT SCARF… [/B]These girls are gonna kill me with boredom! The good news is that I have three more days to knit this and only three feet left to knit. If I knit one foot a day, I will be done before Monday. If I knit more than that, I will be done before that! :woohoo:


I like the ruffle at the ends. Pretty! :yay: What kind of yarn did you use?

This yarn is called The Real Worsted by Kertzer (of the UK). The colur is 5015, Lime.

This is the Ribs and Ruffles pattern only I modified it because it is supposed to be knit with chunky and I could not find chunky in lime. This makes a skinny scarf that can be wrapped around the neck a couple of times and hung down as long as you want it to hang.

Here’s what I did (and will do to finish):

With size US 8’s CO 60 sts.
K 3 rows.
Next row, K2tog across. (30 sts. on needles)
K 2 rows.
Next row, K2tog across. (15 sts. on needles)
K 1 row.
Row 1: K3, yf, sl1 (as if to purl), yb, to last 3 sts, K3.
Row 2: K1, yf, sl1 (as if to purl), yb, k3, yf, sl1, yb, to last st, K1.
Repeat these two rows to desired length of scarf.
Knit 1 row.
Next row, Kfb across. (30 sts. on needles)
K 2 rows.
Next row, Kfb across. (60 sts. on needles)
Knit 3 rows.
Bind off loosely.

So easy! The only problem is I am still in scarf hell! There is only one more when this one is finished and I am going to finish my socks first.

What a wonderful Aunt you are!:cheering:

You are so sweet to do 14 ft of scarves for them :teehee: and a softee (i mean in your heart!):thumbsup:

That’s not the half of it. Since the beginning of December I have knit six scarves and am working on the seventh one now. All but one of them were seven foot scarves, and that one was a five foot scarf. Three of them were for my DD for Christmas. I am so sick of scarves! All I want to do is finish MY socks. When this scarf is finished, I am not knitting another thing for anyone until MY socks are finished!!!

Nice scarf!

That looks very pretty. Only another 3 ft to go!

Hey Sue:

C’mon over. She wanted to know if when I finished the scarf I might have enough yarn left over to make her some fingerless gloves. Wanna have a knitfest? (was going to call it a stitch and b*tch but thought perhaps I should be more politically correct) :roflhard:

I just love that colour . The scarf looks amazing . She is going to love it :slight_smile:

She will love it! Great job :yay:

Wow, you really are in scarf hell, aren’t you? :slight_smile: You’re very sweet to do all that, though! The scarf looks great!

Scarf hell OMG!!! Only 14 inches left and I won’t be in scarf hell anymore! I thought I would hate this colour, but it’s actually not too bad…

You are almost there, may even have finished now. Great job.