WIP: I am trying to make a summer bag... update with pics

Here I am arguing with my needles and trying to do some geometry…

I decided to make a summer bag… since I had some Lily Sugar n Cream cotton in summer colors, I figured it would be a good idea…

Well, I decided to put together parts of the multidirectional scarf and somehow make a purse out of it…

Results?.. still in progress…

That looks cool! I love those colors!

Like the bright colors together!

Looks great so far! Love the colors! :thumbsup:

They are great colours & an intriguing design! Looking forward to seeing your progress :smiley:

How do you do that multi-directional thing? It looks very clever :thumbsup:

Neat! Yes, how did you do that? It looks cool!

Great color combos! :thumbsup:

:smiley: I like the color combo, the design is very nice…I can’t wait to see your FO :cheering:

Thank you girls, I am working now in the blue color… will post a pic in a few…

I got the instructions for the Multidirectional scarf from this site… It is super easy!!!

Here are the two possible ways I have thought about… I would complete with triangles to make it a square… still thinking!! :thinking:

Ingenious! I really like what you’re considering. Do it!! :happydance: