WIP - Horses Pullover -- Now FO!

Put the back together in squares? :roflhard:

Sounds like she’s ready to learn to knit!

Wow it’s beautiful! I wish they had one in my size. i would totally make one for myself. What a lucky girl!


I’ve now finished with the seaming, so here is the final product

I :heart: that sweater! Well done!

BEAUTIFUL Great Job:yay: Love the pink

Wow! Great work. You are quite talented. I bet your little one is just thrilled. Hope all that weaving in didn’t make you go blind! :teehee:

That’s beautiful! :heart:

Ohhhhh the hanging yarn =(
The piece looks great =)

Beautiful pullover. You did an awesome job :slight_smile:

Ooooo, beautiful. I’ve always liked pink and brown together and the horses give the perfect reason for the brown. Nice work.


Wow! What a gorgeous sweater!

That is a fantastic piece! Great job!

Looks wonderful. Great work.

Beautiful! Some little girl will love that!

WOW! That looks wonderful!

Thanks to everyone!

Beautiful work, Wenda.

I’m more than a little envious that the pattern isn’t made large enough for us biggers.

I love it!

Oh, I wanna grow up to be like you! This is fantastic work!
Colorwork is so challenging, and it’s all about the tension!

You rock!